Replacing iPhone Screens

Like any other phones, iPhone’s screens still cracks. PXLFIX offers a service where they are the one who will replace the screens for you.

It doesn’t cost a lot, compared to getting it repaired to an Apple shop. Here’s the steps to replace the screen.

  • In replacing the iPhone screen, it has 2 options. A complete screen replacement with components or only the screen element.
  • In order to get inside your iPhone, use the star screw driver to undo the screws.
  • Use the suction pad to lift the screen case on your iPhone. But, don’t lift the screen higher than 90 degrees as it will stretched the cables inside the iPhone.
  • Inside the phone, undo the screws that held the plate carefully using the the cross shaped driver.
  • After removing the screws, lift the plate using plastic pics without forcing it.
  • You need to detach the connectors, once again use the plastic pics or a flat screw and gently remove it.

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